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Divine Healing

Divine Healing is an energetic healing modality based off the principle of ask and you shall receive.  This is a great tool to clear energetic blocks, limiting beliefs, patterns, and programs that have been holding you back.  Common programs that have been cleared using Divine Healing include: fear of being seen, fear of change, lack of trust, and feeling unworthy.  

The healing process is like peeling an onion.  We peel back one layer at a time to arrive at the core issue.  While clients report feeling lighter, more joyful, seeing an uptick in psychic abilities, or being able to more easily move forward after a single session it does take multiple sessions to remove a program entirely.  

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Comprehensive Divine Healing Session 

The Comprehensive Session delivers the deepest level of healing as the longer sessions allows us to clear more layers of trauma and programming.  Some of the deeper healing processes such as Key Psychological Conflicts take an hour to complete and often require a layer or two of healing be cleared before they are ready to clear as well. 


Condensed Divine Healing Session

The Condensed Session is great if you are new to Divine Healing and not ready to commit to a Comprehensive session yet.  The best way to understand Divine Healing is to experience the power of the healing for yourself.  Clients have reported feeling lighter and more joyful after a single session. 


Targeted Trauma Release Session

The Targeted Trauma Release is intended for those who have recently experienced a shock or traumatic event such as death of a love one, car accident, injury/surgery, theft, a break up, being laid off, and more.  If the shock/trauma is addressed right away we are able to stop it from embedding in the DNA. 


The longer the body has held on to a trauma the more layers of healing needed. In those cases the Targeted Session can help heal some of the layers, but a Comprehensive Session will be needed to fully address the trauma. 

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