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Soul Contract

Sound is creative and the frequencies of your name actively create your life.  The name you were given at birth is the road map to understanding your soul's intentions for your life. We can use the Soul Contract to gain insight on the lesson you've come to learn, challenges you may face, and the talents you have to help you navigate them.  

Learning to recognize when the energies of my Soul Contract are at play has changed my life by bringing hidden karmic patterns and programs into my conscious awareness.  I've been able to take steps to quite my inner critic, open to love, and step into my power.  As they say the first step to solving a problem is recognizing you have one.  

Birth Chart w Border.png

Birth Chart Reading

This is the first step to any additional work we may do together.  The name you were given at birth is your soul's primary intention for this lifetime.  This is where we learn about your Karma, Talents, Goals, and Soul Destiny.   You will be amazed by how these energies show up in your life even if you've never used this name. 


Extended Session: Birth Chart + Overlay Names

Here we will not only discuss the energies of your Birth Name we will also look at the energies of the other names you have used in your life.  This is great if you have legally changed your name or most commonly use a name other than the one on your birth certificate.  The primary purpose of these other names, known as Overlay Names, is to help you work through the energies of your Birth Name, but they can also bring their own lessons and challenges to overcome.  



Business Name Analysis

Want to maximize success in business?  Then it's important to understand the energies in your birth chart, overlay names, and business names. The ideal business name should be aligned to your Soul Contract, help you attract your soul client, represent the services you provide, and help you meet your goals. 


In this session we will look at how the energies of your Soul Contract effect your life as an entrepreneur, and the potential blocks they may create in your business.  We will also analyze your business name, taglines, and website to make sure what you say energetically is a match for what you are aiming to say linguistically.   

While it is recommended to have a full birth reading first to understand how the energies of your name create your life it is not a requirement. 

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