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Lauren Joy Rose

Empower Healing

Hi, I'm Lauren Joy Rose known affectionately as The Naming Lady.  I'm here to empower your healing journey.  I identify your karmic patterns, energetic blocks, and limiting beliefs by looking at your SOUL CONTRACT.  Once you understand the patterns at play you can CLEAR THE WAY using DIVINE HEALING.  This is a powerful healing modality that allows you to clear hidden ego agendas,  low frequency energies and attachments, past life deaths, and an array of limiting beliefs.  I offer TARGETED TRAUMA RELEASE  to help you release recent shocks and traumas before they are embed in your system.  ​

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"We all have the ability to heal ourselves, but sometimes we need help."


Whether you're a soulpreneur looking to maximize success in business or seeking support on your spiritual journey I help you connect with your mutidimentional self and find answers within. 

Soul Contract

Learn to identify your karmic patterns, and the innate abilities you were born with to help you overcome them.

Divine Healing

Clear your blocks and unlock your gifts to access higher frequency energies and lead a happier healthier life

Trauma Release

Been through a recent traumatic event?  Release the trauma before it fully embeds in your body.

Livi F.

Extended Session: Birth Chart + Overlay Names

“I have gained so much insight, clarity, and understanding in the purpose of my journey.  Lauren is incredibly knowledegable in this arena, approachable, and fun!  I highly recommend booking a session"
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